Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My (Long) Day (73)

This has to be snappy! I am exhausted, but want to write about my day. I had a dress fitting this morning so my Mom and I were up bright and early. Any time we drive down an hour into civilization we turn it into a longer trip, getting things done, running errands, etc. Today was no different. We went to my fitting, met Mono for lunch and went on with our errands. Dinnertime was approaching and we met up with Mono again, after work this time, and we went to a new place. It's not new, just to us. We had never been there before. The food was fresh, grown locally, and delicious. And then home we went! I can't wait to curl up in my bed tonight... right after I finish writing this. ;)

So, my fitting went real well. I am so excited. I can't wait for the actual dress to come in. I think it will be a little while though. At least I have a nice idea of what I will be looking like on our wedding day. :) I wish I could post pictures, but the dress won't be seen until October 1st. I will post pictures then. ;)

For now, I can post pictures from our dinner... haha - Sorry, not that exciting!



So, that was my day... and my food! Sorry for the lack of interest in today's post. I'll try to be more exciting in my next one. Now go get all cuddly and snuggle up in your bed and dream sweet dreams!!

Good night!

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