Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Hunt(er)ing We Will Go! (74)

Today I came home to a HUGE box sitting waiting for someone to open it. I thought to myself, "Oh, who is the lucky one to get that package?" I walked over and saw my name on it! I dropped my purse and keys and ran to the drawer to get a scissor to cut it open, while thinking to myself, "What on earth could this be? I didn't order anything that would be here yet." And then it came to me that my birthday is just a few days away. Could this really be my first birthday gift? Oh yes it was! I tore the box open to come across this:

For my birthday, I had a little list of things that I really wanted and these made it to that list. I never in a gazillion (not just a million) years ever thought anyone would get these for me. They're kinda too pricey for a birthday gift. If I could, I'd have two pair. Black and Duck Egg Blue. Today, I am a proud (and very happy) owner of .... You'll find out which color in tomorrow's post. I will be wearing them so I will post a picture of them with my outfit. ;) I'm making it so you have to come back tomorrow. hehe- 

My god-mother and her family sent me these wonderful wellies from Hunter Boots. My aunt loves these and thought about giving my cousin (there are only two of us girls - the third girl in the family is this aunt's daughter) and I them for Christmas, but she wasn't sure we'd like them like she does. She decided otherwise (on another fabulously wonderful gift). Well, when I was in NYC with her a few days after Christmas, we were walking through the city and I said, "Oh my gosh! Everyone has these boots I love." I guess coming from a relatively un-fashionable place, not seeing them frequently at all, I didn't know it was a trend. I just liked them, completely un-knowing how many others did too! She then began to tell me how that was going to be my Christmas gift. Needless to say, I was a bit bummed. I was still thrilled about the gift she had given me, but to think I was so close to owning a pair! I had forgotten about that conversation we had so never in a million years would I have ever thought she'd save the idea for my birthday (a WAY too generous gift). When I called her on the phone to thank her, she said, "Mare, I knew what your birthday present would be while we were having that chat in the city that day." 

So today, I thank them for tomorrow's outfit and their HUGE hearts. I truly have the greatest family. Not just because I received an amazing gift (actually gifts, they sent me another gift too. You'll see that in tomorrow's post) today, but because my family isn't just family. They are my friends. I love each and every one of them. I wish we lived closer, but phone calls, keeping up with each other on Facebook and occasional visits keep us all close. I have a really, really fun family. Both sides and now my new family... Mono's side. We both come from loving families and we all get along so well and enjoy each others' company. That's part of what I am especially looking forward to at our wedding. A lot of both of our families all together at once!

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