Monday, March 14, 2011

Memories and a Pen (72)

At this time last year (wow, I can't believe it's been a year since then) Mono and I took my sisters to D.C for a fun outing! We walked around a bit and went to a few of the museums that they had never been to. I'm posting pictures from one of our favorites. I wish we could do these things more often. I miss them way too much and times like this should happen more than it does.

 This was my favorite part! The Giraffes! Isn't he cute? The tiger was pretty cool too. It looked like it was going to totally jump out on you. And boy, that big guy down on the right, he can surely open wide!

We had a lot of fun learning new facts.... and messing around a little. ;) Meemsy adores Gussy. In fact, he is mostly likely one of her very favorite people. And though I am not allowing Neijra to date until she is thirty-five older, I allowed her to hang out with this guy for a little while. He seemed harmless enough, you know, being behind glass an all. ;) Meemsy always has a cute little smile on her face!

There is so much to see at all of the museums lining the streets of D.C. We went to a few that day, but I chose one to make it easy for you. Otherwise there would have been 3423 pictures. ;) Just kidding. Not quite that many...

Being that it was a special day and their first big trip to D.C. with us, I let them each pick out a fun souvenir to help remember the day. To my surprise, they got me one!! Am I the luckiest big sister ever!? They know I love giraffes and pens so this seemed to be quite the fitting gift for a girl like me!

Isn't this just darling? I love this pen so much. It sits on my desk, ready to be picked up to write letters, checks, notes, anything, at all times! I love my sisters dearly, not just for this sweet gift, but for the love they share with me every day. We live hundreds of miles apart and if I could change that I would. In a heartbeat. But, since there are so many miles separating us, these times are cherished all the more. We always have so much fun together. Even when times are hard, and believe me, they have gone through a lot for their ages, they bring a smile to my heart. I love them dearly and cannot wait for the next little trip we take together.

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