Tuesday, March 15, 2011

12 Miles to... Well, Nowhere.

I rode twelve long miles, up a steep hill tonight.
Are you wondering where I found myself after my quick ride?
I found myself sitting in the same little seat on the stationary bike at our local gym.
I'd prefer those twelve miles to have gotten me to a mountain top, over-looking a breathtaking view.
Or into a quaint little village, lined with cafe's.
Or maybe to the ocean side, smelling the aroma of the salty air and feeling the rush of the breeze blow through my hair.
As I sit there, with my music in my ears, sometimes I let my mind wander to places of such beauty.
Why be in a cold, gray gym when you can be anywhere you let your imagination take you!?
Today I would have liked to ride my mileage over to Japan.
My heart is so heavy with knowing we are helpless to the suffering Country.
Yes, we can and need to pray for them.
We can send money.
We can do things that we always do when countries are hurting.
But my heart wants to do more.
I want to embrace them.
Hug them.
Give them the love and support of an open heart.
I wish we could do more.
Tonight, in my heart, I rode my 12 miles over there to give them some love and my prayers.

In reality I didn't move one inch from the starting point, but I enjoyed my little venture out into the world tonight...and now, I will venture out again, but this time, into my dreams!
I have an exciting day ahead of me tomorrow... my first fitting of my wedding dress! :) I am sure I will post about that tomorrow. If not here, then check over at Marry Me Marezy.

Good night!


  1. I too am praying for Japan with a heavy heart. Ride on Mare...Ride on.