Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring, PLEASE Come Back! (87)

For quite some time, we had been having the most absolutely beautiful spring weather... 
and then...
A burst of chilly, damp air, with not a ray of sunshine to be seen... for days!!!
I can't deal with that.
I don't know how people can handle life in areas of the country/world that are cold and dreary most of the time.
It has been days since we have seen the sun and I miss that dear friend terribly.
I was out for a drive with my Mom and I was stopped at a stoplight and turned to glance at this very long row of bright pink tulips (my favorite, by the way).
I quickly grabbed my camera and took a picture.
The memory of those beautiful flowers will hold me over for a few more days.
The weatherman says we should be seeing possible sun this weekend.
Let's hope and pray he is right!

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