Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Night To Remember (62)

Tonight we went for our first visit to the Grand Ole Opry. The House was destroyed in the terrible flood last May, but it is restored and looking wonderful!
 Celebrating 85 Years! (there's Carrie, front and center!)
 We arrived in Nashville around 4:30 so we had time before the show started. We went to the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and ate dinner and did a little walking around. We still had to walk back to the Opry House so we didn't have time to explore like I had hoped we would... that'll be next time!
 There was a great water show off the balcony where we had our dinner. It was pretty neat! A mini version of the light show in front of the Bellagio in Vegas (this may be the closest I get to seeing them!)

 I love the glass roof! Mono thought it would be neat to be there in a lightning storm and watch it through the roof... I agree. That'd be pretty cool. Maybe after we are married we can plan a vacation then for a weekend of a storm. ;)
 This is such a beautiful place. I literally could just spend hours walking and talking pictures of the hotel.

 Rodney Atkins bending all the way down to hug little Jimmy. Man was he short! Mono thought he was hilarious (his height, not humor).

 Blake Shelton!

 We were able to go down to the front to take pictures! We got pretty close.

 Prepping for CARRIE!!!!
 Look how close we got to her!! And I thought I was close to Blake! :)
We were literally like 15, 20 feet away from her!
 I will certainly never forget this night!
 And yes, she does have good legs! I thought it was a possibility to work on mine to get that way... I think not.  ;)
 It was definitely pretty cool to be able to see Carrie at the home of country music!

 I took a ton of pictures. If I had a better zoom, there would have been twice the amount! These are just a few. ;)

 Sorry, I probably should have just posted a handful of pictures of her, instead of about eight handfuls!

 Her legs are just like I had imagined (just when I saw them, realized it's not possible for a girl like me). Her voice, as beautiful as I had already known. She is smaller in real life than I thought from what I see on tv or in pictures. She is definitely even prettier in person. Adorable, looks like a really nice person. You could just see in her interaction, a fun friend to someone!
 When I posted these on facebook, it said, "tag your friends" and it highlighted her face... oh, I wish.
 Gotta love her hair!
 No, I'm not obsessed with her (or her toned legs)... I just really like her (and really wish I had legs that were in shape like that!). Honestly, not obsessed.

 Here's a view of the Opry House from the floor up front. We were closer than the people in the front row!!

 They take your picture out front and of course, they stopped us, like every other person trying to just walk by. When we were inside we had seen our picture out on one of the stands... all by itself. I took a HUGE double take (I mean there are tons of people there, I didn't expect to see my picture printed out) and the guy said to us, "Hey! It's you guys!!" They were using our picture as their promo picture for people to see! Then later on we were walking in a different spot and we caught a glimpse of the picture this girl was holding... us again!!
 She too said, "Hey! It's you guys!" She modeled our picture for us! She was funny.
And yes, I caved in and bought it. The picture may not have been quite worth what I spent, but it definitely was totally worth the memory! What a great night!! And Carrie, I will be back to see you there!

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