Saturday, March 12, 2011

March Twelfth

March Twelfth always brings the beginning of wonderful childhood memories of birthday celebrations.
March finds itself the home to many birthdays in our family.

March 5th is Alex (Gus's younger brother).
March 9th is my youngest cousin, Grace.
March 12th is my Aunt Kate.
March 19th is my Grandpa (Dad's side) and mine.
March 22nd is my Nana (Mom's side).

When I was little, today, the 12th was the date that started the festivities. Many years Grandpa, Aunt Kate and I all had a big birthday celebration. You'd find three cakes that Grandma made, one for each of us. When Aunt Kate's birthday rolled along, I knew that Grandpa and I were next...exactly one week away. Many of the years as a child, our family spent the week of our birthdays in Florida. Aunts, Uncles and Cousins all traveled with Grandma and Grandpa to Disney. We had sooo many wonderful times that I will treasure forever. I was only able to share March 19th with Grandpa for 6 or so years, but that will never just be my birthday. It is forever ours...Grandpa's and mine.

So today is Aunt Kate's birthday... Happy Birthday Aunt Kate! The festivities begin now! Birthdays always bring wonderful memories to remember throughout the years.

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