Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Before and After 306.365

I fell in love with our house from the very first sight of it. There was something about it, before I even walked inside that I just knew that it would feel like home. And it has for sure! The one thing I didn't fall in love with is the color of the front door. I like the color red, but it didn't seem to give our house the feel I wanted. It didn't go with our colors inside at all and I felt like that is the first glimpse of color you see and it should carry into the rest of our home. Why have a red door when you walk in and red isn't seen anywhere in our home? So, I found a paint swatch at my new favorite store, Home Depot. We chose a Behr color. I have used so many brands of paint, but not Behr. Let me tell you, it's not the cheapest, but it is soooo worth it. I was pretty much able to paint our red door with one coat. It's a primer/paint combo so that helped, but it was amazing. I did two coats anyway, but it truly coated it well with one coat. Two was necessary in my opinion though. 

I've had a base case of laryngitis these past few days, but I was getting stir-crazy so I quickly hopped on over to Home Depot to pick up my paint yesterday. I painted the first coat around 4:00 so it would be noticed when Mono drove home from work. I was not sure what he was going to think of it being that it was a bit lighter than I thought it was going to be. Thankfully he liked it. He pointed out to me though that it was a very Martha (as in Martha Stewart) color. I smiled. I love Martha. I'm not sure why. I don't like her personality. I think I just love all that she knows and I am in love with the set of her show. I wish it was my house! I'd love to go to one of her shows!! Home Depot also sells Martha products! I just like to look at them when I stroll the aisles. :) I used to be a big Lowes fan, but when we moved, Home Depot was right around the corner and I thought it would be hard to transition over. No way. I instantly fell in love with the big orange guy! :) Oh, we also got new handles. Last week Mono and I replaced every single door knob and lock in our house and the front door needed to be ordered. It arrived yesterday and we put it up late last night! I think it's cute! Oh and don't mind that chipped red area by the lock. I have to touch that area up today. I didn't want to get in the way there while Mono was working in that spot. 

So that's our before and after of the first glimpse into the colors of our home!!


  1. Beautiful. Isn't it fun how just a swithc of color can make all the difference.
    I love the red color and actually have a red door on my house....but you are right..unless it is carried throughout your design it doesn;t work. My livingroom wall is the red you see as you it definitly makes a warm and dramatic statment. :-) Many bellssing in your new home. can;t wait to come for tea!

  2. As you can see I didn't have my glasses on when typing...LOL excuse the errors. OH MY!

  3. Loving your new headline photo!!!

    The more I see your house, the more I get excited to visit! It's so beautiful and welcoming!