Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Thanksgiving Countdown Begins!

The table is all set with the best of the best out of the china closet and kitchen cabinets. The china all lined up, linens freshly cleaned and ironed. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in the background, family all around, cooks in the kitchen…. I can picture it all… But I'm not ready. Thanksgiving is exactly one week from today… and I'm hosting it in our new home for the first time. I'm so excited and eagerly awaiting it's arrival, but as I sit here with local grocery store ads surrounding me and 10 million Pinterest sites open with recipes, I have become on the verge of being overwhelmed. I'm not there yet, but it could be coming. How do I know which is the best of these recipes? I want it to be exactly right. I don't like to just open a box of random stuffing. I like to make it and spice it from scratch. I have my list of my perfect meal… now to find the recipes, make my grocery list and align it up with the proper stores to shop at. Does anyone want to share their best tips and recipes for Thanksgiving?!

Thanksgiving is such a great holiday. For me, it really kicks the notch up for the anticipation of Christmas. You prepare a meal, enjoy it with lots of family and friends around, wear your Sunday best (and maybe even better than the normal Sunday best), watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and wait for the Rockettes to dance. And then, the big moment. Santa himself comes to town! Ever since I was a little girl, seeing the parade and waiting for Santa Claus to arrive was such a huge deal. I thought it was so neat that Santa chose New York City every year to come to first! I still think it is neat. ;) And once his sleigh drives up that famous street and the parade ends, you know, Christmas will soon be here! 

With this being our first year married in our new home, I am even more excited for the next two holidays than I normally get. Thanksgiving is a big deal in our house and Christmas is an even bigger deal. If you've ever been to our house, we decorate. Really, really decorate! And now in our new home, we will also be turning it into the North Pole. :) Next Thursday begins it all! Thanksgiving, family visits, Advent and Christmas! What a perfect season! 

But back to my recipes and store ads... Thanksgiving meal comes first! Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. You will choose the right ones I know it!! And guess what, if at first you don't succeed...TRY TRY AGAIN~! There's always NEXT year, and the year after and the year after....and so on and so forth!!!
    I can't wait until I can once again cook our family Thanksgiving! It was my favorite opportunity to do what I do best, entertain!
    Can't wait to see you~ in NYC!! XOXO!