Saturday, November 26, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about this topic the past few days. I've been missing my first and dear friend, wishing I was there living nearby during this time in her life. Her first baby, a sweet, precious little boy was baptized yesterday and I couldn't be there. I wish more than anything I could have met him already and been there for his special day yesterday when he was baptized. I am dealing with friend issues in other areas, that are never fun. I am looking forward with excitement to a new and growing friendship in my new home. It's a friendship I hoped for for years and it is in the first stages, which has been a nice treat. And I spent tonight going back and forth with a long time friend just telling each other the most random facts about each other. It was the best. time. ever. Our favorite girl names - for future children are nearly exactly the same. They sound the same and are just off by one letter. It's funny how things like that work. They'll be the cutest of friends, just like us, just like our moms! Friendship is such a dear thing, but can be fickle at times. Tonight I am going to bed grateful for all of them though... and going to bed with my bestest of friends, my Mon, who I am oh, so grateful for! Good night all!

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