Monday, November 21, 2011

Watch Your Step 325.365

It's day 3 of Mami and Papi's visit and we spent our time hiking while the weather was so pleasant. Mono and I haven't been hiking in our new town (and the area around us) yet, but Mami and Papi enjoy hiking so we went to explore a new area right nearby. We had such a great time! Even Duncan came and was thoroughly enjoying himself as well!
It's really rocky in some areas.
 I was loving all the foliage!
Aren't these little berries so precious?
I was loving all the textures around us!
 Pine cones... Christmas is coming!
 The boys.
 My Mon and I.


 Mami loves to taken Duncan out and about. He loves to be active and it is great seeing him so youthful!
 The walking stick.
 Who knew cactus grew in Alabama! ;)
 Loved this hole in the rock.
 More textures!
 This spot was really neat!
 I love the Fall!
 I wonder what they discovered.
 We'll definitely do this again! Too bad Jimmy is too little to go for hikes.
We had to get going before the sun set.
Before we left, we left our hiking sticks off by the entrance to the trails for the next hikers... that way they didn't have to search for ones like we did. ;)

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