Sunday, November 13, 2011

Random Fact of Weirdness 317.365

Chocolate milk is one of my very favorite drinks... ever.  Especially if Mono makes it for me. I don't know how he does it or what he does, but he always mixes just the right ratio of milk to chocolate syrup. It amazes me each and every time. The fact that I like chocolate milk so much isn't something that I'd call weird. It's the fact that I will only drink milk if it has ice in it. My milk can't just be cold. It has to be ice cold. I prefer cubed ice in regular white milk and crushed ice in chocolate milk, but unfortunately, we don't have an ice machine here that crushes it for you. That has to wait until I go back to my parents for a visit. A funny thing is, the only other person I knew that drank their milk this way was my Dad, until I met my friend, Kath. We met when we were younger and it started out as pen pals. We wrote to each other nearly every day, sharing different things about ourselves to help each other get to know one another better. We both some how wrote down how the only way we like to drink milk is with ice and when we read each other's answers, we got so excited! Oh, the little things I get excited over! And now, I've converted Mono over to the only drink milk with ice club. What an accomplishment!

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