Friday, November 11, 2011

Packing Our Bags 315.365

 When I planned out our week on Sunday night, I knew we would be heading to my Mom and Dad's today. We have a lot to do there tomorrow and we wanted to stay a night so this was the best time to go. We only needed one small bag, but we had to be sure the J had all of his belongings too. Mono always laughs that he too has a luggage of his own. He also got a new little sweater and it was so cold so that came along for the ride as well.
 As I was sitting on our couch waiting for Mono to come home, I noticed the light shining in the dark room, highlighting Jimmy's bag. I thought the lighting was so unique and I grabbed my camera to catch picture 315 of my 365 day project. I have been falling behind putting each day's picture/pictures on the blog, but I am still doing my best to keep up with it.
Do you like his little sweater? It's an early birthday/Christmas gift. ;) I couldn't help myself and he looks so cute in it!

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