Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Newly Married Girl! 313.365

 A few people have asked me what life is like now as a married woman. Lots of people ask how married life is and here I am to tell you! First of all, it's amazing. I absolutely love it! I love being married and spending every day with my husband!! My days are all the same, yet all different. I wake up with Mono when he gets ready for work (except for this week since I've been so sick) and we have a quick breakfast before he leaves for his super long commute... all 1 minute and 45 seconds of it! Then from 8-11 I get things done at home. I check my e-mail, facebook and pinterest for a few minutes at some point in there too. Just being honest. I try to keep laundry day to Mondays. I don't always get the ironing done on the same day, but everything else with laundry gets done on Mondays, unless I have something that needs to be taken care of during the week, like today with one of Mono's good dress shirts. I did a small load today.
 After breakfast, I rinse all the dishes, put them in the dishwasher and do the same again at lunch and dinner, and that is when they get their big wash in the dishwasher. I don't like to leave a sink full of dishes. Even if the rest of the house is clean, if the sink is overflowing, it makes me feel like the entire kitchen is a disaster. Keeping on top of each meal's dishes makes things a lot easier and cleaner. I am super picky on how I load the dishwasher. I like each thing to be in the same area. When it comes to the utensils, each kind goes in its own cubby. This makes unloading and putting away that much easier. It takes away the step of sorting everything after it's all clean! I get this from my grandmother. I have taken notice to her way of loading the dishwasher. It's the exact same way. It must be in the blood (but it skipped a generation with my Mom)!

So from 8-11 I get making the bed, dishes, laundry, cleaning, projects, like making my own laundry detergent, baking my own bread to birthday gifts or Thanksgiving linens, etc done and then I shower and get myself ready for Mass which is at noon. I drive over there and go to Mass with Mono and then we have a real quick lunch together before he has to be back at work. I know a lot of wives love when their husbands are gone all day, but I love having the opportunity to see him throughout the day.

My cleaning during the week looks a little like this: I clean the bathrooms a few times a week so it never gets out of hand. I keep the kitchen floor and counters clear and clean after each evening is over and I either do a full vacuum job or I take the little dust buster and go around where needed.
Everything is on my planner. I keep a list of each thing, no matter how little it is, that needs to be completed by the end of the day so I can cross it off and watch the list shrink. It's a huge help and I can look back and see when certain things were done last. I also keep a list of what I am cooking on each day for the week. I'll write out the recipe or where I can find it, if I need any certain groceries for it, etc... I like to be able to look back here too so I can make sure I don't repeat too many of the same things too soon.

Grocery shopping gets done once a week or so. We don't have a big pantry and I am not the best at grocery shopping yet. I do okay with it, but I need to start looking for the best sales, good coupons and know which stores generally have the best prices. I have been baking my own bread lately too. I have an easy and yummy recipe that my sisters taught me that I use. I have to expand my recipe list for bread though. I have to sit down and really look into some good ones. I have a section on my Pinterest account for recipes that look good. I should really do that soon.

So, after Mass at noon and lunch, I clean up our dishes, and finish off any other things that had not been completed before I went to Church. Then around 4:00 I start to get dinner going. I try to make a nice dinner each night. Mono works hard at work so a nice, home cooked meal is always nice to come home to (at least I think it would be)! Some nights if I make a larger meal we end up with leftovers though. And then dinner finishes, I clean up and either get little things done, like paperwork, mail, and bills, folding or putting away some left over laundry... Smaller things.
Going to the bank, post office, Home Depot and little errands are always popping up each week. I try to keep them to one day so I can make the rounds at once, but that doesn't always happen quite as I'd like it to.

Of course there are plenty of other things that go on during the day (phone calls, unexpected things, etc) that keep me busy, and I am sure any of you that read this that live on your own or are a wife and mother, you know how it is. I am busy all day long, but love every minute of it. Sure I get tired, or even frustrated at times, but that is natural with any job, even the paid ones.

My days are always so full. Especially since we are still working on getting our house the way we want it, those projects added onto the daily chores keep me super busy. My planner is the best thing to keep me on schedule. Do you have good ways of organizing, keeping to your schedule, tips on couponing, tasty recipes, anything a new wife would make use of? Send 'em my way. I'd certainly appreciate it!! :)

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