Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Real Life 333.365

After both Mono and I having pretty frustrating long and tiring days today, we walked up our stairs from the garage and as I was opening the door I said, "Ah, Mono, aren't you so glad we are home and can just relax and enjoy our night?" Shut door. Crash, bang, shatter.... Silence. I knew what had just happened. I turned around, opened the door to the garage and saw this: 
Oh, and it actually doesn't look all that bad in the pictures! I wish it was this good looking in real life!

I was so happy going to sleep last night, having had our kitchen in perfect order, smelling sparkly clean. We had just arranged everything in nice containers, baskets, etc. I was really happy. I cannot stress enough the level of happiness. In fact, before I went to bed last night I did a walk around in the house just admiring all the hard work and how lovely and clean everything looked. I did that very thing again this morning when I woke up and all was still and quiet in the house.

After spending two hours cleaning up the carpeted stairs, I am sitting here, actually laughing at what happened and offering it up for a few people I know who are having much worse nights tonight. Believe it or not, I did not get mad even once. It was almost too crazy to get mad at. Sauce, both kinds, was spattered all over the walls, soaked in piles on the carpeting, glass everywhere, and I knew I had a long clean up ahead of me. I started by patting it all up with an entire brand new, extra large roll of paper towel, soaking the rest up with cold water, then rubbing it down with vinegar. After all the liquid work was done and semi-dry, Mono (who was lovingly helping me clean the garage floor and the walls the entire time), vacuumed the stairs to get all the remaining glass sucked up. I came back after him with a small hand held vacuum to get in the smaller crevices. Then we carried all the dirty and smelly cans that were still intact upstairs to be washed. I sprinkled baking soda on the carpet to help with the crazy, horrible, disgusting odor. And then, the cans were washed, kitchen floor cleaned and now, I am sitting here, with Mon and J, all cuddled up, treating myself to a glass of ice cold milk and a slice of caramel pie. ;) 

Do you like the smell of tomato sauce, pickles, apple sauce and vinegar? Well you should have come over to our house tonight! If you want to just soak in the smell, you are more than welcome to visit tomorrow as well... and maybe for 342 days after that. I am sure the smell will still be there. 

Like I mentioned earlier, offering this up was all I could think about. There are a couple of people that are dealing with loss, even tragic loss tonight. I can guarantee you that they would rather be cleaning up that mess 10x worse, for 10 hours straight to have their baby and dad back. Complaining about being on my hands and knees scrubbing for the past two hours was the last thing I was going to do. Please keep these two families in your prayers please.

You know, it's funny. I was telling my friend earlier this morning that I really needed to blog and was feeling very uncreative. I didn't know what exactly to write and how to get it out right. Well, this may not be creative but I certainly had something to write about!

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