Thursday, November 3, 2011

Random Thoughts of the Day 307.365

I love spaghetti and meatballs. It might be my very favorite meal… Ever!  The other day while working around the house I had Emeril on and he was making such tasty meatballs and then today I had Martha on and she was making meatballs. The guests from today's show were from The Meatball Shop in NY. They have a cookbook out called The Meatball Shop Cookbook. I'm not really sure where that name came from. It's pretty creative, right? ;) But since their meatballs looked so good, AND they have a restaurant, I decided to put that book on my wishlist for Christmas. Hello Amazon! :)

I found out tonight on a spur of the moment trip to Lowes, that I still have a soft spot for that place…

I love Behr paint… Should I be a spokesperson for their company? Hmmmm…. I went today, picked out a color, with a name that is oh-so-edible. I almost wanted to lick the paint when the guy showed me the test color ...  okay, that's a bit dramatic; it wasn't quite that tasty looking, but you know what I mean... I hope. ;)
Pottery Barn will be getting a call from one unhappy customer tomorrow… I wanted to place an order for something and use my discount card from my gift registry. Well, the lady I got on the phone said I could not use that for an item that wasn't already on my registry. I read her the wording right off the Pottery Barn card and she was still telling me that they couldn't do that. I was furious. I had that darn card right in front of me, directly from the company, telling me that I could add something to it and this lady was telling me I was the wrong one and that wasn't their policy. So she said she'd look into it and get back to me. Well, we went out to dinner with my parents, and right after I drove over to the local PB store and they helped me with it and said (without even seeing the card) that that was the policy... I could add to it. It wasn't until later that night (maybe 8:00) that that lady called me back to tell me that in fact it was their policy that I could add to it. Umm, yeah. I told you that a few hours ago. She made it sound like she was the one that was right and she never said otherwise. Some people just make me mad. This lady was one of them. So I am going to just let Pottery Barn know of their nice little customer service rep and how nice and sweet she was. ;)

I forgot how much I love sweet tea. I don't know how I would live without it and I do not care one bit how many calories it adds on to my daily intake. Actually, it has to be a bit because when I cut all sweet tea out for Lent earlier in the year, I lost a few pounds. But you know what, it is soooo worth a little coating on my bones. ;) I might have liked it a bit more than normal because it felt sooooooooo good going down my very sore and hoarse throat.

I still have laryngitis, big time. By the end of the day, my throat just aches. It's not like I talk that much in a day that it should make a huge difference, but I guess it does. I'm not sure what is going on with this cold. I had a really rough night last night and my wonderful husband got up in the wee hours of the morning to take care of me (I was so, so thankful to have him there… we enjoyed a midnight snack together at about 3:45 - and we both actually enjoyed it… so did Jimmy who also had a treat) and I am still coughing a lot, with the ears and the voice issues, but I have the energy back which makes me happy.
Today my parents came for a visit and we got so much done! We love their visits (I think Jimmy the most. He goes absolutely insane when he sees his Momma and Dad!!!) and they do as well. Mom and I did some shopping for things we were looking for for the house and some errands we needed to run to take care of more business to change my name over.

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