Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today 151.365


This is me … today. Stripped down completely. I don't mean completely, completely. I'm not talking about stripped down of clothes...
This is what I look like on most given days... days like today filled with errand running, dinner cooking, house cleaning, gym loving days... Not an ounce of makeup, my hair in a pony tail, topped off with a plain ol' gray t-shirt (this is what I meant by stripped down). Though this can be the norm for me for days in a row, if I am going out, and am able to, I like to get a little dressed up, throw on a little mascara and wear my hair in something other than a ponytail.

I'm doing a 30 day challenge inside of my already 365 challenge. I'm following prompts for the next thirty days. Lets hope all goes well. ;)

I don't ever just take my own pictures, but today's prompt is a self portrait. Unfortunately today's picture fell on gym day. Maybe I can also take another self portrait tomorrow when I am looking a little more alive. ;)

Today I cut 157, or more, wires. I am working on a tedious but wonderfully dainty and fun project.

Today, in three months, we will be able to walk into our new home and start the fun! The cleaning, re-painting, decorating, the stuff I live for...

And, today, in four months I will be marrying my best friend! That will be the best today of them all!

Today I am wishing I was at the beach… or at least smelling a (Yankee Candle) Sun and Sand candle. That may hold me over until I get to the beach.

Today I am all about balance… water and chocolate.

While I'm on today's challenge of a self portrait, I might as well give you some insight to getting to know me.

I love being creative. 
Creativity excites me. 
I just do not put it to use like I wish I could.
I am in love with the beach. 
I wish I lived by the sea. 
There is just something about it that calms my soul. 
It's my element. 
On the cold gray days of winter and the sunny days that make up the summer.
I am an only child by birth, but a sister by choice. 
I'm happiest when hanging with the little ones (or not so little anymore).
I'm not the tidiest person, but I love good organization!
I get nearly daily headaches.
I am not a person that likes to exercise, but I long to have legs like Carrie Underwood. 
I know that's impossible with a person like me. I'd rather eat a cupcake.
I love cupcakes in case you haven't picked that up on that by now.
I'm a northern girl growing a southern heart.
I don't like to always wear the same scent, though I wish I could just stick with one. 
I tend to switch it up, daily.
I was never a real shoe lover before… until now. 
I am starting to love shoes. 
I only wear flats (heels on very rare occasions) so they are harder to come by, but I am hesitantly growing a love for them.
I have two best friends and I live hundreds of miles away from each of them. I haven't lived near either since I was 13… that's too long in my opinion.
I am not a phone person. When Mono and I were talking long distance before he moved here, I didn't call that much... You could be my sister or my best friend and you'll agree... I seem to never pick up the phone and call. I do keep in touch, but in other ways.
I don't have a real need for a little office in my home, but I sure would like this sweet space to me mine:

Five things that will win my heart over:
a good cupcake 

a hand written card/note (I LOVE to get mail, especially for no expected reason)
nicely wrapped gifts 
a good party - not clubbing drunkin' type - more like a backyard party like this:  
a lovely purse 
And two things that are not material that always win me over...
My dear family and friends
A genuine smile
Little children

Live in today
I have trouble with that. 
I am a natural worrier.
Accept today for what it is.
Accept who I am today and always strive to be better.
Never take today for granted.

I hope your today was wonderfully full of small, little moments that made you smile.

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