Friday, June 3, 2011

Come Away With Me...To My Favorite Place 153.365

When asked where my favorite place to be is, I could have many honest answers.
Home to me, is one of my very favorite places to be. There is truly no place like home.
I kinda have more than one though. Home is in a few places.
Obviously the home I live in with my parents is the main one, but when I visit my sisters, I am very much at home. When I visit Mono's family, I am very much at home. When I visit my best friend and her family, there too, I am very much at home.
But besides home, my favorite place to be, by far, is at the beach. 
No questions asked!
Take me to any nice beach, any time of the year, and I am one happy girl.
But, I do have two favorite beach locations... so far. I'm willing to add to this list. :)
Destin, Florida has become a great vacation spot for our family since moving down south.
We're also a lot closer to Miami, a place we now vacation to as frequently as possible... only once or twice a year. Key Biscayne has become an all time favorite for me. I could seriously live there. It's like the island life. I just love it. Small little village, fresh fish off the docks, swimming, shopping, eating, everything about it is just so enjoyable.
So, for now, since we can't actually be there, come away with me and enjoy a little bit of life on The Key.

My first trip was Memorial Day weekend of 2009. Mono and I flew down and met his family there. What fun we had!

 I love the beach. I am truly in my element. I'm my happiest, calmest, you name it-est when I am there. The sand, the water, the salty fresh air. I just love it!
 Mono's family's place is right next door to the Ritz Carlton and we always take a stroll on over there. What beautiful grounds!
 I'm marrying a Cuban! Can't forget their black beans or their super yummy bread!! :)
 Fresh fruit, coconut juice/water - whatever it is, and freshly made sandwiches. Sooo good!
 I love all the little bakeries with pastries. I forget exactly what this was called, but it is super tiny and delicious... as you can tell from Mono's reaction. ;)
 There are so many beautiful areas down there so we always go for drives on nice days and take pictures.
 Ah, this was the start of the morning. It was our second full day. We went to Church and then to a favorite local spot for a quick breakfast... a pastelito, freshly squeezed OJ and some cafe con leche.
 While we were in the Church parking lot, I sneezed and pulled a muscle really badly in my neck. The week before we left for this trip I had already pulled it, so the sneeze took it out of whack even more. I was in a lot of pain and couldn't move much. Some how we had a neck brace around (that is thanks to having a doctor in the house!) and I took some medicine thinking I'd be a-okay in just a few hours. Well, I had a bad reaction the medicine and I was sick all day long. I was actually fine if I rested my head and drove. If I stood up to walk or just sat down, I felt icky. So it was still a good day! And after the fact, kinda a funny memory! :) At least my neck started to get better!
 I love spending time with Bello and Bella down there. We have such a great time together. :) We relax, have barbecues, go on little adventures, head down to the beach... anything that is enjoyable while being together, we do! Bello and Bella are Mono's grandparents, but I adopted them as mine the first time I met them. I'll never forget meeting either of them. It was actually on two separate occasions, both memorable! I love them dearly and always enjoy our time together.
 Ah, our trek to the lighthouse. We love doing this, though it is a long walk... or at least feels that way. I love lighthouses so it has become tradition to walk there on each visit.
 Oh and I can't forget the great shopping! We always find little places to go while we are in Miami!

 The scenery is gorgeous!!
 The Cuban food is delicious! I love mamey shakes!!!!!
Our annual trip to South Beach!

I have a ton (really) of pictures from our trips! Hope you enjoyed the ones I chose for this blog. This is definitely one of my very favorite places to vacation!

Today I also have to post a picture of clouds and hands...

And something I am really looking forward to...

Our wedding and all the festivities surrounding it! :)

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