Friday, June 17, 2011

Viva La Juicy 167.365

Okay, so this past week I spent some money.
Maybe I shouldn't have, but I think it is okay.
I'm not the type of person that wears a ton of makeup on a daily basis so I don't really own much.
While my friends were here, they had some great products that I tried and fell in love with.
So yesterday, my Mom's friend and I went shopping before she left (today).
Mom was out so she and I were home and decided to go out for the day.
I bought a few new products... That's okay, right?
Just basic things... None of which I had and I will certainly use them often!
One of the new items was this fragrance. It's just a small travel size bottle. 
I never can pack my perfume when I travel because of the size restrictions so I thought one of these would be perfect!
Now I just need a case to hold it all in. 
Target has a few and I bought one I liked, but it was not the right size for some of what I bought.
Maybe I can run there tomorrow!
Do you have any favorite products that you cannot live without?
(Oh, I can live without these by the way)

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