Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life Is Not

Life is not about checking Facebook everyday. Life if not about being on top of all my blogging friends' latest posts. Life is not about posting on my blog every single day or about being sure to blog about my daily pictures.

These past few days we've had a house full of company, 17 people type of company. It was crazy and hectic and a lot of fun. We spent time catching up with old family friends, some of whom we had not seen in years. Every second of these past few days was filled with something; reminiscing, laughing, chatting about recent events in our lives, experimenting with hairstyles for my wedding, cooking and then cleaning the messes up, praying and spending time in church, watching movies we loved when we were younger… lots of things, but none that involved the daily checks online.

This made me realize even more what life is all about. It's these times with old friends, keeping in touch and embracing the every day moments in our lives that are important. Keeping up with things at home, cleaning and cooking a nice meal or a sweet treat for a friend. Those are the important things that you will remember and enjoy. Not the daily updates on my computer screen. There will be time for that. I will always want to check what friends are up to online or what my blog friends are up to and I will always love to take pictures and post my thoughts along with them here on my blog. But I saw who okay it was to miss friends news online, to take a few days off from blogging myself and that all the new blog posts on my favorite sites were there, waiting for me to catch up in the evening and read them.

Today life is about laundry, cleaning my room and bathroom that 5 girls shared over the past week, more and more laundry, cooking, phone calls and baking some sweet things. Some days are filled with laughter shared with old friends, some days are like today consisting of the daily grind and then, there are some days that I can relax and enjoy catching up on all my blogs… And then there are some days filled with traveling.

Over the next few weeks I will be in a whole bunch of states from New York all the way down to Florida. Some of the trips will be very quick and full of meetings and some will be filled with relaxation and soaking up the rays of the summer sun and salty ocean air.

Each day is a gift and I have to embrace it for exactly what it was given to me for. I hope you have a joyful and productive day today!

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