Thursday, June 2, 2011

Heels and Hay Bales! 152.365

June 2nd: What you wore today; your favorite shoes

I probably have two favorite pairs of shoes. These and my very flat black patent leather flip flops. The flip flops that I wore when I broke my foot while simply walking through Central Park. I do really love them, but since I rarely wear heels, I thought I'd show them. I have favorite heel and favorite flat. I should have taken a picture of my flip flops too. Maybe tomorrow.
And my outfit... a comfy black and white patterned dress. Hair in a simple up-do. Silver and black accessories.

And finally... I got my pictures on top of a hay bale! Ever since I moved down south, nearly six years ago (six years next month), I have wanted to do this. There were freshly plowed fields, lined with bales and as Mono and I were driving up to Church tonight I stopped the car, flipped on the emergency lights and hopped out of the car! Mono is so good to put up with my crazy love of taking pictures. He even knows to pause before he takes a first bite out of food so I can capture fun meals! What a great sport he is! Thank you Mono for taking some pictures of me with my hay bales... finally!!!

And this may just be the best one of them all... shown with lots of humility...

Yes, I was attempting to hop up on the bales of hay that were nearly as tall as me without any help. I realized after one attempt that if I made it on my own, I'd either rip the hay right off the bale or I'd scratch the heck out of my legs and then get a nice picture with blood dripping down my legs. Then came Mono to the rescue... of course after catching my first attempt on film! ;)

On my lists of prompts to write today, along with what I wore and my favorite shoes, is things I am good at. We can just say jumping on top of hay bales is not on that list.

On that list though I'd say, I am good with kids. I love them. I am good at baking cupcakes, wrapping gifts and painting. All real random, but those came to mind first.

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  1. LOL!!! Careful not to roll along. :P Awesome photos and those shoes, you're styling! :)

    Coming from SITS to show my support. :) Nice blog you have here! :)