Friday, June 10, 2011

The Three Amigos... 160.365

 I got a call this afternoon from my beautiful aunt. I love chatting with her on the phone. We live hundreds of miles from each other, so talking in person does not happen all that often. Phone conversations keep us going. We love to talk, so sometimes the calls last a while and we don't even remember what we started on to get to the topic we reached. Today we talked a lot about life… before she got to her main reason for calling. Just the craziness of life currently (for her younger kids) compared to what life was life for myself and her older son. We grew up together and were really close and are a lot alike. It's always great to catch up with each other. :) So today, after we talked and talked and talked, about everything but the reason she called, we finally arrived at the topic. Actually, what got us started on talking about life was the original topic, just not the full question. 

To make what could be a super long conversation/story short… Her daughter and two friends get together every Friday night (unless it is during their sport season and then it isn't every week) to bake a new treat and then hang out and enjoy the tasty treat they made together. They rotate houses and always bake something new. I loved that idea. It's so nice to hear that there are still young girls doing normal things on Friday nights. Wholesome things. 

I thought to myself, oh gosh, I wish I had her friends. Then I thought, gosh, my best friends all love to bake. The only problem… we all live in different states. If we lived in the same town - heck the same state - I know we'd have Bake Night on Fridays. For sure. Kath loves to bake. She is great at it and is always baking a tasty treat. Katie and I used to bake a lot when we were younger and lived on the same street. I have so many fond memories of those times. Jilly and I haven't seen each other in years and I have never baked or cooked anything with her (at least that I can remember), but from what I hear… she is amazing and I have a lot I could learn from her! Then there is Ellie, a dear friend of our family. I bet she'd have fun baking with me too. And I'd love to have her teach me how to make her famous jelly! Ellies Jellies! Yummmm! 

And then there is Theresa, my sweet cousin that already does have Friday Night Bake Night with her gals. She really does know how to bake some mean cupcakes. My kinda girl! 

So, after being so in love with the idea of my cousin's weekly outing with her friends, my aunt asked me a question. She said, "Mare, you know that cute cupcake apron you make? Do you have any left?" I told her that I didn't, but I'd be happy to make one. Apparently one of the girls that attends Bake Night, is having a birthday and T wanted to give her an apron and they thought right away of this one. She insisted that I didn't go ahead and make one today since we have a lot going on this weekend, but I hung up and got to work. I then called her and said it was in the works. If she didn't want it, I know someone else would. But of course she jumped at it and was tickled. So this is the end result. I attached a few of my favorite recipes to the package for them to try. :) I hope they enjoy them as much as I do. 

Happy Baking sweet girls! I wish I could join you!

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  1. I'd love to give one to my little kitchen assistant....Anna. Any way you have time in that busy little schedule to make one?? And any ideas on a gift for a 9 year old??