Sunday, June 5, 2011

Results of Opening a Million Tabs

Sometimes I get carried away with my tabs while I'm online.
I get a bit tab happy.
Between blogs, Pinterest, e-mails, facebook, websites... Oh, it's nearly an eternity for tabs.
Tonight I discovered a new blog. 

To be honest, I am not sure how I exactly came upon this. Possibly through Pinterest. Actually, that is very probable.

From there I came across this which made me want to own one of those disks. So I made my way here and here. There are some at this site. I think I'd rather just go to Italy and have one custom made. ;) Wouldn't that be nice. 

I also came across this roller for making homemade ravioli! I love homemade ravioli so I got pretty excited when I laid eyes on it. 

I also found Kelly Moore's site. I don't have a nice bag for my camera and I am really hoping to get a new lens or two before our wedding so a real bag would be nice to have at some point. They're expensive though. It's more of a wish list type thing... Bag one and Bag two

I also stumbled on this post on another new blog I found. I would have loved to have seen this being done! Doesn't it look like so much fun?! You can purchase some of the prints, but they are super expensive.

I'm falling more and more in love with mason jars. There is so much that can be done with them! Cannot wait to get my hands on some and get to work!

I'll let you alone now with all the links. There are still many tabs open... DIY home/children projects including a bed I'd like to make for a little girl in the future... There's recipes from anything from Italian dishes and homemade bread to cupcakes (of course!) and homemade baking products. And I found a couple of ideas I'm saving to make for Christmas gifts! Once I talk it over with Mono, I may start gathering materials. :)

You can learn so much from blogs... and now even Pinterest! 

Oh and I have a new follower to my blog! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi! I found you over on SitsGirls. I do the same thing, I start out on pinterest then before I know it, I have 10 tabs open, a ton of new blogs added to my reader, and absolutely nothing accomplished that I was supposed to be doing. People must have been so much more productive before the internet!