Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Friendly Place! 172.365

Today I met with the florist for our upcoming wedding. I had only spoken with him over the phone so this first meeting was exciting. Our second meeting will be even better when he has a sample of what our flowers will look like! That doesn't happen until my next trip in July.

The girlies came along for the meeting with Mom and I and since they were so good... and it was lunch time... we headed over to Friendly's on the way home. I grew up going there for special treats and the last time I had gone was the day this cutie was born... nearly eight years ago. Today was her first time!
Mom and Irma... I love this picture of them.

 Meemsy was quite entertained all through lunch with this color-changing straw. In fact, we all did!
 My signature lunch at Friendly's. Girl Cheese, fries and a pickle. Not sure I've ever ordered something different. It'd be plain old wrong. When I was little, I always thought grilled cheese was called girl cheese... And it stuck. Twenty something years later, I still order my girl cheese. :)
 You know how most children see shapes in the clouds? Well my creative little sister sees shapes in her chicken fingers... Alligator fingers here.
 The Adventures of the Color-Changing Blue to Purple Straw!
Starts out as a plain blue straw...
Then you take a sip...
And it becomes purple!

 The comforts of home... Sweet Tea. Not as good, but it'll hold me over.
 Then came the fun part! 
Ice cream topped with yumminess!
 Ines was the one of the left, Mom in the middle, Irm's on the right (My kinda girl! Look at that chocolate!)

Neijra has the left, Meemsy in the middle and mine was on the right.

One happy and sweet girl!
 This is for you Ines and Neijra!
Surprise Knife!

We certainly enjoyed our ice cream!

I love these girls... even more than my chocolate ice cream with peanut butter sauce, hot fudge, Reese's Pieces candies, and whipped cream sundae... yes, that much!

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