Thursday, June 9, 2011

Apparently a Lack of Sleep Leads to Yumminess 159.365


 If you read my previous post, you know that I am lacking in sleep right now. I finally fell asleep somewhere around 3am this morning and woke up not long after 6... yes sir/ma'am, that is only about three hours of sleep. Yawn!
I had a full and busy day since the moment I woke up, including baking these lovelies before I headed out for the remainder of the day.
 Along with the brownie/peanut butter and cream cheese mousse torte, I made coconut gelato and chocolate as well. I had never made coconut, but there was a special request and so I gave it a whirl! I am not a coconut lover so I passed on trying it, but from what I heard, it was quite tasty. In fact, it was given the compliment, "best dessert I've had in a long time." I'm glad they liked it that much.
 These were a hit and super easy to make. I fall in love with chocolate and peanut butter every single time we meet again.
 So, I guess a lack of sleep paid off pretty well. Overall, even running on three hours sleep, it was a great day. We have a really busy week ahead of us, but I do hope it is a fun one!

I've been given a blog award by my dear friend Ellie, over at Me and My House! There are rules that tag along with it, but I am so tired I don't want to write anything dumb so that will be part two in the morning. :) Thank you Ellie! I wonder if I made you want lick the screen tonight. ;)

And now, most important of all... getting to bed! :) Here's to hoping for eight hours of sleep tonight!

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