Monday, March 19, 2012

26 Balloons

Okay, so I don't really have 26 balloons...only 6 actually. 26 would be nice, but it just wasn't happening this year. I didn't want Mono blowing many up after his recent hospital visit, and I couldn't being pregnant. Balloons just scream birthday to me. Today is my 26th birthday and originally, we had planned on being with our family up in NY or MD today and for a friend's wedding, but since I have been sick, we had to pass on that trip. The plans for today have changed a few times. First it was just going to be Mono and I, since my parents would still be in New York after the wedding. Then they decided they would drive straight through, from New York to Alabama, yesterday so they would arrive late at night, to then be able to come celebrate my birthday. I also invited my aunt and family over, but that changed because my cousin was sick so they couldn't come. Now she is better and they are able to come! So what I thought was going to unfortunately be a pretty quiet day, has turned into a greatly anticipated day! Mono works today, so most of the morning it will just be the J and I. I'll get my little things done and then this afternoon when my parents get here, we'll meet Mono for a quick lunch! So the day looks bright ahead! The weather is amazing. I am taking out my new white pants (from Mami!!) and a cute shirt and I will enjoy this day tremendously! I'm really looking forward to dinner! I'll post more about the outcome of the day later! 

Even though I don't have the 26 balloons, no birthday is complete without fun and festive decorations. If you have been following this blog since my last birthday, you might remember all the decorations I made. It wasn't possible to be that festive this year, but I did a little bit and took inspiration from the first photo below. For Mono's birthday, the den was filled with balloons, the kitchen has streamers floating all around, there were signs on the mirror... It was fun. I didn't do that much either for today. This is my one idea that gave me a little inspiration...
I found it on Pinterest. My decoration looks nothing like it. But this weekend has gone a little differently planned than I thought with unexpected hospital visits and a sick Mono to take care of, so decorations were pushed until being made last night. My very simple ones this year still make me happy though. 
I know I want my dinner table to be really cute... but also simple with easy clean up. I looked for cute plates and cups, but didn't really find any, so we are using some paper/plastic throwaways and some glass.... Our drinks will be mason jars (courtesy of my sweet Mami), with bows tied around them, and a paper straw to drink out of. The plates are aqua and can be thrown away... Nothing else. Just simple. No centerpiece, just the food. :)

So, there is a little peek into what the day will be like. There will be a recap post either later tonight or tomorrow!!

154. balloons and decorations to make a birthday feel extra happy and complete
155. a beautiful morning to start the day
156. windows open and birds chirping

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