Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Saved Life

My computer has been acting up something awful these days. Last night, Mono spent a really long time helping me get it back to good health. He is really good at that. He saved my our lives... mine and my computer's. I thought I was going to have to take it to the doctor (aka. Mac store), but after his TLC, it's in perfect condition, and much more orderly! I guess I had let things get a little out of hand.

Now my bookmarks/folder are all sorted and in alphabetical order and better than ever.
The speed is back to normal.
Everything is perfect and I am so happy to be able to get things done in a timely fashion, rather than waiting forever things to just function.

Thank you Mono!

I haven't spent much of any time online or on the computer today, just two little conversations; one with Mami and the other, my sister-in-law. The rest of the morning I have been going through tons and tons of old paperwork and odds and ends. I guess my computer isn't the only thing being gone through and organized.

Mono and I were going to go see a movie tonight (hello $5 movies on Tuesday nights!), but we are going to have to postpone that to another time because of my splitting headache. Thankfully he is very understanding. But, not everything is being postponed this evening. I'm still making a nice steak dinner. I am praying this cut of meat is good and I grill it nicely. I'm still debating the sides, but I think it will just be simple.

Tomorrow my parents are coming to visit and we are going to spend some time outside discussing our possible new gardens. Last summer when we bought our house, we worked in the gardens, just cleaning them up, but we didn't do anything to make them look pretty. There are bushes that need to be ripped out and places that are desperately wanting to be homes to pretty flowering plants! My Dad is very good when it comes to landscaping and I can't wait to finally sit down and work out a plan... at least the start of one.

I have a long list of things I want and need to get done today, including some time to be creative. I have not been using any creativity lately and if I can get everything that needs to be done, I'd like to paint a little bit. I'll have to see if that fits into my day, or has to be worked into another one. But so far, my list is shrinking nicely! Back to work!

And on a random note... I'm craving the huge, fresh salad bar at Ruby Tuesdays... not sure where it came from, but the constant commercials are not helping the situation here.

138. a working computer
139. getting things accomplished 
140. sunny days

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