Thursday, March 15, 2012

She said it was a box full of glitter...

She said it was a box full of glitter...
And she was right!
It was a box full of glitter!
And I loved every single sparkle.
A few days ago Jilly told me something (maybe a box full of glitter) would come knocking at my door probably on Friday.
Well guess what guys?
That something that she told me about, it came today!!
Mare, what do you think is in here? It's from Katie's mom... it HAS to be good! - Jimmy (my little helper)  
The only thing better than the contents of this glitter-filled box, would have been finding my sweet friend herself, knocking at my door. I know she would have come to celebrate if it were at all possible. 
This gift was filled with so much of her love and sparkle, that it feels like she is with me.
I have a feeling I am going to be using every last drop!!
There are already and will continue to be a lot of wonderful memories!
I opened the box she mailed it in and saw the start of its goodness. 
First of all, anything that Jilly puts together is pure goodness.
And how can a big box tied in bright pink glitter ribbon not be anything but fabulous!?
Smarties so the babes are extra smart... and Hershey kisses... kisses from Jilly for me and the babes!
I can't wait to have another outfit to wear!
Yes, and there just might be pink glitter all over the house.
I told Mono that I had never heard of a little glitter hurting anyone, so I am happy to have it! 
Bring on the glitter and bring on the big 2-6!
Thank you so much my dear friend for all your thoughtfulness. Not just for the card you sent me in the mail, or the card and all these gifts you sent me today, but for your friendship and continual love, in all the little ways you share it with me. Love you.

144. gorgeous, warm and sunny weather, in MARCH!
145. dinner fresh off the grill
146. dinner outside on the deck
147. sweet walks in the neighborhood with Mono and J
148. birthday love from a dear friend
149. glitter!

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