Wednesday, March 21, 2012

16lbs and Counting

16 pounds have entered my tummy in the past few weeks...
16 pounds of nectarines that is... not baby weight... yet.

I have been eating 3-4 nectarines a day.
They are so good and I really enjoy them.
It's a healthy snack too, so I'm not chomping on lots of junk food.
I'm not sure how long this will last though.
I seem to go through real phases with what I like and do not like eating.
The smallest thing can throw me off.
But as of today, I've already had 16lbs of them!
That's a lot of nectarines.

Note: I wrote this last week and never posted it. The nectarines are done. I got sick on Friday, the morning Mono had to go to the hospital and that was the end of the nectarine love. If I get sick too close to eating a certain food, I cross it off my list. 
Today I introduced apples to my diet. I was a little nervous about doing that because for whatever reason I thought they weren't going to sit in my stomach well. But they did and I was happy to be eating my favorite fruit again.
I wonder if I will be going through so many pounds of apples, like I had with the nectarines.

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