Friday, March 16, 2012

Noticing the Little Moments of Life

I feel like I have been in such a blah mood lately. I forget to notice all the little small things that used to make me so happy to see. I don't get out as much, and most of my time has been spent on the couch, resting, trying to feel better. I don't like being so blah (that's the only word I can give it). I like feeling creative, having energy and being a little more active. I like noticing the small things, whether at home or out and about.

One thing that I have noticed with people that use things such as their iPhone for pics and Instagram, is they post pictures of the simplest little things… they're noticing the small things. I have really been wanting to take more pictures and update and notice the little things in life again, even if a lot of my time is still on the couch. The other day Mono said he would share his iPod with me (that has a camera on it) so I can use Instagram. He set up an account for me and got me started.  I have a great real camera, but sometimes it's just hard to carry that every single place and it's not always convenient to pull out, so this is another good option.

So, here are a few glimpses into the past couple of days of life.

I eat my pizza the right way... folded! Can you tell I grew up in New York!?
 I really love all things Lilly! The patterns, the colors... It's so happy. I was out at the store and saw these adorable plastic tumblers. It took a lot for me not to purchase a set.
 The start of St. Patrick's Day celebrations for me!
 Enjoying a freshly grilled meal on our back deck. Such wonderful times!
 Jimmy loves to cuddle with Mono. They're quite the buddies!
 Every single night, right around 4:45 or so, Jimmy waits here at the door until Mono comes home. He doesn't leave until Mono walks in... and then, he goes crazy!
 He was so happy when Mono finally came home from work. Mono sat on the steps while I finished up the grilled and Jimmy ran over to sit with him.
 Our tree is really blooming! I love to see all the new flowers each morning.
 A small sweet treat... half a can of caffeine free root beer and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
 Another day waiting for his best buddy to come home from work... I think he got tired of sitting there.
 I am hoping to take these little moments, with their pictures and post more often for you. Even if they are short and even meaningless, it'll be a little update for you.

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