Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sweet Tea, Decaf Style

All throughout my pregnancy so far, all I have been drinking is water. That's a good thing, but sometimes I just crave something a little sweet. Juice isn't agreeing with me while I have morning sickness and I crave sweet tea... not real cravings, but I just really miss it.

Someone recently suggested I make my own sweet tea, decaf style. So, I headed off to the supermarket with my grocery list, with decaf tea bags added to the list. Yesterday I made a large jar of yummy sweet tea. It's not as sweet as I'd like it, but I figured it would be best to not have like 8 cups of sugar or something. ;) haha. I don't really know if they put 8 cups in the amount I made. I'm just saying, lots of sugar is yummy in freshly brewed tea!

I only had that one small glass, and to be honest, I fell asleep before I even finished it. It was mostly ice too, but tasty that sweet flavor made me smile!
Do you have a favorite drink?

141. sweet tea again!
142. watching Jimmy run around like a crazy little guy, making funny sounds... makes my morning
143. a husband that can still smile, even though he has something ahead of him at work he's not looking forward to

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