Monday, March 5, 2012

Big Stretch!

Mondays don't always seem to be my favorite day out of the week. And I don't think I am the only one that feels that way. But every three-four weeks, I don't mind waking up extra early to get to the doctor. Since my appointments are early, Mono is able to come with me, which I really like.
Being that we are having twins, at each visit, they do an ultra sound so they can check both heart beats clearly. I love getting to see the sweet babes.
The past two ultrasounds they still hadn't developed their baby shape, but today, you could definitely see them... head, body, arms and legs! They were so cute. Really tired though. The nurse was trying to get them to wake up and one of them was a sound sleeper (must be like their Dad) and the other woke up, made a big stretch with it's arm and curled back up to go to sleep (more like me- lighter sleeper).
Their heartbeats were both very strong and they are growing nicely.
Love that they are healthy, growing babies!
The doctor was pleased with everything she saw.
Oh, and I've gained 4lbs since my last visit!
I guess the bump is a little more than just bloating. hehe
 Hi Everyone!

135. baby one
136. baby two
137. seeing baby one make a big stretch!

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