Friday, March 16, 2012

A Babymoon?

We have a few trips coming up that we are planning before the babes come.
I need to go to the beach. If you know me, it's the place I am supposed to live.
I adore the beach with every single bit of my being.
I love it on cold days, all bundled up, going for walks or sitting on the sand watching the waves come crashing in and out.
I love it on hot, sunny, summer days, when the sun kisses your skin with a perfect tan.
It is just the most relaxing and beautiful place in the entire world.
So we are planning a nice long week at the beach and also a long visit with family up north.
Once the boys come, our trips will come to halt for a little while, so we wanted to get some fun trips in. Mono and I also want to take some weekend trips to local places... or semi-local. :) Places that you can get to in a few hour drive.
We have a little list and it should be lots of fun. Plus, this is our first summer married so we want it to be extra fun!
Hopefully I will have fun blog posts from our trips!

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