Friday, March 16, 2012

Childlike Dreams

It's the one place that turns everyone into a child again.
Grandparents aren't even too old to enjoy it...
Big, tough, police officers like my Dad, even their soft side comes out (though he always has a soft side)...
Sweet, tender moms, like mine, enjoy all the goodies, characters, and entertainment...
Teenagers who think they are cooler than cool...
Little children, and even babies too...
They all love it.

It's the place that you can let that inner child come out and enjoy all over again.
It's Disney World.

I know I won't be going there any time too soon being that I am pregnant, but I surely miss it there.
My family; aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents (on Dad's side) used to make a yearly trip in March, right around mine and Grandpa's birthday, to visit Disney. I have so many wonderful memories and I want to start sharing them with Mono. I want him to be a part of all those old memories. 

I want him to enjoy it all, from the character breakfasts and parks, to days spent by the pool, soaking up the sun, to the Mickey ice cream pops and swirly lollipops. 

Is there any place that takes away all your troubles, lets you be fun and free and childlike, and enjoy each and every magical moment?

I can't wait for our babes to be big enough to take them on their first trip. I know if they have any of their mom in them, they will love it!!

Soon Disney. We will be there soon! And you will love having our growing family back again!

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