Monday, December 19, 2011

You are my Sunshine 353.365

This is how I left the room for when Mono woke up this morning!
Balloons all over the floor, streamers and signs hung in the kitchen, a message on the chalkboard wall, his gift wrapped sitting in the midst of all the balloons and...
 a note written for him on the mirror. I knew it would be the first place he'd go, since he has to put his eyes contacts in.
 Ready and waiting for the birthday boy!
I guess he liked the decorations.
 He still thinks I got him shoes. Pshaw! No way.
 Look at that happy face. No shoes for him!
Can you make out what his present was?
 My parents came over to celebrate his birthday. They gave him his gifts and then took us out to one of his favorite restaurants.
 And one last message before he headed to bed. The sun was right at the height of his face. He truly is my sunshine. He brightens my days, lightens my burdens, makes me feel loved and beautiful, has a heart of gold, an intense love for his Faith, children and our family... the list goes on. Monito, thank you for being you and always bringing sunshine to my life! Happy Birthday!

51. celebrating my husband's birthday!

52. finally being able to give him his present!

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