Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bundle Up Buddy 354.365

Cold weather is upon us here in the South. We have cold days and then the warm ones reappear. Jimmy has a few little sweaters, and today, he is getting his little red one. I think it is his most handsome looking one. He has a plain royal blue sweatshirt, a gray hooded sweatshirt (that would be my favorite if it was more his size; it's a little big), a emerald green and white sweater, a teal and white striped sweater with a red pom pom scarf attached, and now this one. He has quite the wardrobe for a little guy, doesn't he? But it keeps him warm and away from shivering.

53. a husband that doesn't laugh when I dress my dog

54. the sweetness my little guy shares with us everyday

55. elf's at the grocery store that so generously bring your bags to the car, and load them

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