Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Out of my Everyday Surroundings 362.265

Sometimes you just need to get out of your everyday surroundings, and take life in… and that is just what I did today. Mono and I spent the day with Jilly and Mike. What fun! She and I are so similar, yet so different. It makes for a lot of fun!
 Today was a cloudy and gray and fairly chilly day in New York... But I knew when I saw this sign, that our day would be sunny.
 And I really knew our day would be sunny when she ran out the door to greet us!
Mono and I woke up and headed from my grandparents to Sunnyside, New York. My goodness, how fabulous is it to live in a place with such a happy sounding name?! I am sure not all days are sunny there, but it really seems like life in Sunnyside would not be reality. Everyone would be cheery, polite, happy.... Yeah, what am I thinking? It's Queens. ha. 

But Jilly, she is always sunny! So she belongs there. No... she belongs in Florida. With her family and her babe, who we also spent the day with. When we pulled up to her apartment, I was filled with excitement, not only because the four of us (Mono and myself, Jilly and Mike), would be spending the day together, but I was finally going to meet Katie. Katie Bubbles. Is she not adorable or what?!
 After a quick meeting at her cute place, cuddles with Katie, and a little bit of chatting, we headed to our first destination, the skating rink in Central Park. The line was absolutely insane. The wait would have been hours long, so we nixed the idea. From there we visited Jilly's work, which is amazing.
Corner apartment near Lincoln Center. 
 From there, we headed to have a bite to eat. Jilly had Sarabeth's in mind since before we even pulled up at her apartment. She thought it was a very Mare place... and it was. Small, cozy and quaint. They even put us in this little nook at the front window. There is not a more perfect table in that restaurant.
They served breakfast and lunch, which made it very difficult to decide what to order.
Mono ordered breakfast; french toast and fresh fruit. 
Mike ordered lunch; a crab cake and fries. It looked like an awesome one. Though I believe I was told the one served at our wedding was the best. 
Jilly and I wanted the same thing, but knew we couldn't eat it all if we each ordered it. We ordered from the lunch menu. We eat ordered a bowl of creamy tomato soup and shared a club sandwich. Oh so yummy.
After breakfast/lunch, we set out for walking the city. 
The Plaza. Check.
The Christmas tree. Check.
The streets were so so so crowded that we just make quick stops everywhere. It was nearly impossible to even take pictures due to the crazy amounts of people on the sidewalks.
 The Plaza. I love Eloise. She's too cute, so seeing her tree was fabulous. Totally Eloise.
I loved the large pink Christmas balls painted with images of Eloise, but they weren't worth the $70. A picture would do.
The Christmas Tree. 
We weren't able to get to my favorite view of the tree, but this was good too.

We only saw one window... Loved the colors, but not very Christmasy at all.
I had such a fun day with these three!
 Back to the apartment real quick for one more snuggle with Katie. Then we went for a slice of pizza a block away. New York pizza. Ahhhh, instantly fall in love all over again!
 After this visit, we went on our way to New Jersey to visit Mono's great aunt and uncle. That was such a nice visit. Unfortunately it was only for a few hours, but at least we had that time with them.

On our way home, I was still hungry so we stopped for this:
Yes, more deliciously good carbs!

And this...
 My favorite hot chocolate ever, from 7 Eleven. Yummm. Yummm. 
Oh, and you don't put a mountain of mini marshmallows on your hot chocolate?
 Visits in New York are always wonderful. 
Looking forward to upcoming visits with all of these favorites of mine!

80. visits with great friends

81. exploring such a fun city

82. listening to stories and memories from some of our elderly family

83. food that you can only get in New York

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