Saturday, December 3, 2011

Missing My Katie

Katie and I have been friends since... well forever. Really. She is a little bit older than me, but was my first very friend and I am so proud to be able to say she is still that dear to me nearly 26 years later. Katie was my Matron of Honor at my wedding, but she wasn't actually there. A little after I called her with my exciting news to tell her I was engaged, she called me to tell me her very exciting news... she was pregnant. I was so excited, but when I calculated nine months later, it was very shortly after my wedding day. I knew from the beginning there was a chance she would be unable to be there in person, but we both held on to hope that she'd be standing beside me. She held out as long as she could, but when the doctor informed her she'd be needing a c-section, I got another call with exciting news. This time it was the actual date of her son's arrival....... two days after my wedding. Along with the tremendous excitement of her baby's birth, there was sadness knowing that she would only be at my wedding in spirit. I knew I would miss her being there with me, getting ready, walking down the aisle, dancing the night away, etc, but she helped the situation a bit by sending along a beautiful speech that she wrote, read by a dear friend of ours. Our photographer captured my many emotions during her speech wonderfully.

Like I said, I had many emotions... I remember each of these moments like it was yesterday. This picture sums up all that I was feeling. These tears are of mixed emotions. Sadness, knowing my Katie wasn't there, thankfulness for her amazing friendship and the fact that she cares so much for me to write us such a beautiful speech, tears of joy thinking of why she wasn't there...
The wonderful laughter and many smiles didn't just touch our two faces, but every single person in the room that day.
 Trying to hold back even more tears. It was like Niagara Falls over at the Sweet Heart Table!
 I knew I wasn't hugging Katie, but all of my feelings, my gratitude, everything, went into this hug to our mutual dear friend. I was so thankful that not only Katie wrote that heartfelt speech, but our friend read it with such love.
 Katie sent a bit of herself to me, and I sent a bit of our special day to her... My sweet friend, Jillian, made sure to capture all the beautiful moments either by picture or even video to send right over to Katie so she could be a part of our day. Jilly videoed Katie's speech, along with my kiss and wave, and sent it via. e-mail. Thank you Jilly for doing that. It helped me realize that Katie was indeed there with me on my wedding, maybe not right by my side, but deep in my heart.
 Yeah... More tears.
 Oh, and this is for Katie... One of her favorite pictures. This was before Gus shoved the cake in my face. ;)
I love you Katie!

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