Thursday, December 15, 2011

Getting to Know Me 349.365

I listen to upbeat music when I run.

I am not a phone talker… Would rather talk in person, through letter or online.

I go to Church daily and keep Christ and prayer in my life in each moment.

I treat my dog like a person.

I married my first boyfriend, love, best friend.

I love to accessorize a good outfit… Jacket, scarf, purse and jewelry… shoes are good too.

I don't have very good hair. I wish it were thicker and more workable.

I have a passion for all things artistic, whether it be in the kitchen, through painting, wrapping gifts, setting tables, party planning, flower arrangements, decorating, etc.

For a living, I wish I could either wrap gifts or throw dinner parties - the decorating part.

I would love to open an orphanage.

I can get distracted easily.

I can give up when I am not satisfied with my work.

When it comes to being creative, I am very particular, picky and it is hard for me to be okay with what I have creative.

Sometimes I wish I could wear outfits of little girls. I was at a store yesterday and I totally could have rocked her outfit. It was darling and so me!

I like to run. Am not very good at it. Not terrible either. I want to run a 1/2 marathon soon. 2012 hopefully.

I like to shop.

I think Anthropologie has some really great little finds for the house (and clothes and jewelry too).

Tonight I am enjoy some home-baked cookies from sweet Emily. Emily works with Mono is his office and she sent us a fabulous Christmas gift, including the cookies! Nothing beats cookies and milk!
 Isn't this just perfect?! I love this sweet little dish. It matches the colors in our house so well and it's from our state!! I love it!

 And what Gus would probably say the best part is... Chocolate espresso beans!!
And what about this!? Does Emily know me well or what?!
Isn't it just the cutest notepad you have ever seen? I am afraid to use it, but I really want to!

Thank you Emily! You truly are the sweetest! I'm so lucky Gus works with such great people!

Even though I felt like today was a bit of a sluggish day, I feel like I got so much accomplished.
My house is clean, most of my chores are done and now, I have the day ahead of me tomorrow. I have a few errands to run, bills to pay and things to do at the house, but I am hoping to have a decent amount of time to myself to do a few things I want to do. 

37. the 2 minutes in between the delivery of one of Mono's gifts and his arrival home from work. 
38. friends that know exactly what you mean when you're chatting
39. friends hundreds of miles away, that are so close at heart that it feels like they are sitting right next to you.
40. Mono's co-workers

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