Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cuisinart Happiness 340.365

I didn't really think I needed it, especially such a good one. But I put it on our wedding registry anyway. We're only two months into our marriage and I am so glad it was a gift we were given! Mono will not touch an onion, in any shape or form... unless that is, I puree them so much they become like the consistency of baby food. And boy, does this baby do some job! I will be forever grateful to this silver machine!

Tonight we went to a friends house to watch a show he produced. We ate cheese, bread, hummus and pita chips and it was so lovely. Simple but so wonderful.

Just like Becky, I want to start writing small things I am grateful for at the bottom of my posts. Maybe not all of them, but I want to start try to...  

1. Thankful for wellies to keep my feet and legs warm on cold, damp days like today.
2. Warm clothes, right out of the dryer.
3. A husband that listens when I really need it.
4. A home decorated for the most wonderful time of the year.
5. My family, all around, for no specific reason, just that I love 'em.
6. the appreciation of nice meals, served with fine linens and serving dishes
7. my Cuisinart so I can still cook with things like onions and have my husband still eat the meal

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