Friday, December 16, 2011

Granny Shoes 350.365

I have a really hard time finding shoes that fit me. One reason. I need flats. Second reason. I have awful feet. With both of those issues, finding a cute shoe is so difficult. I walk the aisles of shoes in stores and just admire those pairs that will find themselves on small, petite feet one day. I did find this pair a while ago, and I love them. They are a neutral color to go with just about anything, but, I wonder if they are a bit grannyish. I have been told by my sisters and husband that I have some shirts that are granny-like, so I won't be surprised if these are voted in the senior citizen club that some of my clothes seem to be in.

 What do you think? Should these be sent to the ladies at the senior center? Or can they remain on my happy feet?

41. having people to tell me when clothes really need to go

42. the anticipation of upcoming family visits

43. warm toes

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