Monday, December 12, 2011

It's All About Comfort For This Little Guy 346.365

Comfort is definitely a word our family loves... including this little one! I have cozy blankets everywhere so no matter where you're sitting, you have the options to cuddle with some covers. I love to sit down in the evenings and curl up on the couch with my blanket and some tea and just relax and unwind from a long and busy day. Jimmy though, he spends his whole day surrounded by comfort. He sleeps with us. We sleep with him at night. He wakes up with us in the morning, gets his morning cuddles and then he goes out for his morning bathroom walk. Then when we come in, he usually roams around the house a bit and then hops back into bed for a while. He comes out a few times during the day, sometimes to just jump up on the couch to curl up and get all cozy again. And of course to go out a few more times during the day to stroll around the yard. But he always ends back up, cuddled in his bed.

Do you have a cozy spot in your house like the J does?

29. the friendly workers at Publix
30. front row in the parking lot
31. breakfast before work with my husband
32. filling up my gas tank with cheap gas... at a new gas station in town

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