Friday, September 24, 2010

Zebra Stripes And Barbecue

What to eat?!

Oh, I just love this picture. Isn't he so handsome?

Sweet Tea! Nothing goes better with a good, Southern meal!

I liked our booth. A little kid must have been there before me...crayons on the walls. 

Perfect! A bottle for each of us. Authentic for me, Spicy for him!

My meal!

Mono's meal!

Mono and I are going out for dinner tonight to Jim ‘N Nicks, and I’m wearing my new, step out of the box, zebra print shoes. I am really “stepping” out of the box with these beauties. For those of you who know me, I rarely step outside of my comfort zone. Yesterday there was a huge sale and I found flats that fit me, are comfortable… and best of all, still stylish! :) I found this pair of zebra printed shoes with some patent leather on them, and something inside of me just clicked with them and we fell in love. :) So tonight, they are making their grand entrance to dinner… at Jim ‘N Nicks. For all of you who don’t live around here, it’s a barbecue place. I know, you’re probably thinking it might not be such a great idea to have brand new shoes with white on them at a barbecue place, but I’m saying, “Live a little. What the heck and why not wear them!?”  No, really, I am thinking to myself, “Should I put a napkin over them?” I spill things. I’m not overly clumsy or anything, I just have bad luck with things like this… spilling (or being spilled on) things on new clothes, getting ink on a new purse. You know, must I go on? But I am looking forward to our night out at dinner, and a yummy Southern barbecue meal with my best friend in the entire world! :) Off I go, stepping out into the real world in a little crazy style!

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