Saturday, September 25, 2010

U.S. Cities/Places I'd Like To Visit

1. Charleston, S.C
2. Sanibel Island, F.L
3. Seattle, W.A
4. Napa, C.A
5. San Francisco, C.A

6. San Diego, C.A
7. Any cute little ski town in C.O
8. Boston, M.A
9. Maine (I know that’s not a city, but I don’t have a specific place, but I would like to see Maine, preferably along the coast)
10. Arizona – I’d like to see it out there, and especially the Grand Canyon.

I lived in New York. Visited D.C when I lived in Maryland. My best friend lives in Chicago. Been to Disney (Orlando). Vacationed with family in Miami… All these bigger cities people vacation to are common to me. I love them all, but this list I made are places that I have never been that I would like to visit. I love New York, D.C., Chicago and Miami, so they would be on the list above if I could only pick 10 to ever go to. Thankfully though, that’s not the case. :) The U.S. has so many pretty little towns and big cities to visit and I hope one day, to see all the ones I have on this list!

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