Thursday, September 16, 2010

Two Days, Two Paintings

So I have given myself this new challenge… Painting 7 pictures in 7 days, and here are my first two. Before I show you, let me tell you the rules… 1, no drawing first. I have to sit down and just start painting. 2, no thinking, just paint! My problem with my artwork is that I WAAAYYYY over think things until I have been working on it for weeks or even months. Sure the outcome is great, but I need to let go. 3, don’t get up unless it is done, not even to step away to look at it from far away. The ONLY exception is if I need to let the background dry first. 4, no fixing anything. So if I have a mistake in it, that is how it has to stay. 5, each one has a theme and a meaning… and 6, no critiquing it when I am done. I just have to admire what I accomplished. With all that being said, here are my first two. It is taking a lot for me to do these. I desperately want to critique it and fix things, but I am letting ggooooo! ;)

Painting One: 9.14  Rainbow, whimsy, kinda abstract, with a subject of something I love!

A cupcake!! :) I LOVE cupcakes, and with my recent trips to       Georgetown Cupcake, they were really on my mind. If I wasn’t trying to watch what I eat a little better, I’d be making a few dozen this week! What’s your favorite flavor?

Painting Two: 9.15 Black & White, just something quick and fun – that has meaning in it – with a quote.

The night sky! Oh how I just adore looking up at the beauty God  gives us in the night sky! I love the stars, finding the constellations  and if I’m real lucky, seeing a shooting star! My favorite  constellation is what Mono and I call the “m” constellation. It’s  Ours.  :) It is really called “Cassiopeia,” but forget that! “The M  Constellation” is a whole lot better, don’t ya think!? ;) I have always  loved this one. It was even in the movie, “Serendipity.” I thought  that  was pretty cool. :) I like to look for it each clear night, and with  meaning behind it for Mono and I, I thought it would be the perfect  black and white. I am sure I could have been a lot more creative, or  done something more obvious, like a cow, but this is the first thing  that I thought of, and I LOVE it! Can you find the “m” constellation? Do you wish upon a star? Or like in my case, a favorite constellation? :)

So these were my challenges for days one and two. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s! I’ll give you a hint… it’ll be done in all creams and whites. :) Should be fun! Is there anything you can challenge yourself to do for seven days in a row? Maybe cook a new meal each night, document your week in pictures, try a new coffee or tea each day… What can you do?! Have fun!

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