Thursday, September 30, 2010

Okay, So I Like The Color Purple...

Yes, I happen to like the color purple. I don’t do this kind of stuff on purpose. In fact, it is just something I noticed today… that most of my daily routine to get ready involves my favorite color. Down to the floss! The eye makeup remover works the best for me. I like the smell of the Olay lotion. I am just trying this new face wash (it smells so calming!). The Bed Head stuff works well on my hair. The dentist recommended the floss and mouthwash (don’t blame me for this one!). And well, the dental hygienist asked me what color toothbrush I wanted…and purple was one of the choices! What was I going to pick, red?! I don’t think so. So, though I didn’t do this line up intentionally in all purple, I am quite pleased it worked out that way! :)

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