Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Is There Something You'd Really Like Right Now?

Do you have a passion for something? A longing to go do a specific thing? A craving for an adventure? Well, I do. As Summer turned to Fall, I think I began to have a change of season as well. With this cooler weather, and my favorite time of the year at my finger tips, I want to take out my camera, and go on an adventure! Unfortunately, where I live, there is just not that perfect place. I don’t have the ability to travel right now, though I’d really love to. But I have this urge to go out and about with my camera, to discover a new place. Mono is in Omaha, NE right now. To be honest, I had absolutely no clue what he should expect. I’ve never been further west than Chicago! I have my little list of places I’d love to visit, but I never thought Omaha would be one of them. What a surprise I had when I looked at his pictures! It was the perfect place that I have been longing for. The weather is cool and beautiful where he is and there are so many little nooks and crannies, so many opportunities for the perfect little adventure. I have been going over and over his pictures, imagining I was there and picturing the exact photographs I would want to capture as a memory. I’m not sure what I am going to do about this feeling. This feeling of just wanting to be free, to let my passions soar and to be adventurous, courageous and know that I actually can do it! I need a little escape from the every day, but I just don’t know where to find it.

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