Saturday, September 18, 2010

Paintings 3 And 4

Well, day three was to use a theme of all whites and creams, with a subject of something I love. It was an easy choice… pearls. I am not really happy with the outcome, but it was quick and I was really busy and just had to let it go and have it be done. I could have worked on it for a while to make more realistic. That’s okay. Today I only had about 25 minutes so I just did something fast. And today’s theme was monochromatic in my favorite color… purple. I chose flowers. Squeezing a painting in and having to be detail free is super hard. I am pleased that I am at least getting them done though!! :)
Here’s paintings three and four:

So those are my two most recent paintings. Tomorrow is Day Five, only three more paintings to go to complete my challenge! :) After this though, I think I have to go back to taking my time and being more realistic. ;)

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