Thursday, September 16, 2010

One Of Those Kinda Days

It’s kinda one of those days when you just want to curl up with a movie or a good book and not do anything else! Unfortunately today is only Thursday and I have to wait until the weekend for that kind of fun. It’s a kinda hot, rainy day. My run today has to be after dinner and I still have today’s painting to do. I’m not looking forward to leaving my run until this evening and I just have a feeling that today’s painting isn’t going to come out right. I think that is part of my challenge though. Letting that go. I got to sleep an hour extra today which made a little difference. If only I went to be at a decent hour last night… I have Church this afternoon and then when I come home, a quick lunch and I have to sit down to do my painting before I end up with interruptions. I ordered the movie, Letters to Juliet and it is arriving tomorrow! I just cannot wait to watch it!! :) I want to get in my jammies and just cuddle up on the couch and enjoy my movie. :) I told Mono though that I have to make sure that my painting for tomorrow is completed before I get to watch it though. It’s going to be soooo tough not to cheat. Oooh! I’ll post a picture later with my painting for day three. Hopefully even though I feel sluggish, I can push on and get through the day without being lazy. Ciao!

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