Sunday, September 26, 2010

"What's In The Box?"

There on the chair sat a small Vera Bradley box. Mono knew it was for him to take on his trip, and I am sure he was wondering what on earth he was getting in a Vera box! We sat down on the couch and I showed him what it was holding inside… Batman fruit snacks, miniature pretzel logs, a package of Cuban crackers, a few Earl Grey tea bags, along with a baggie of my special sugar, some Maple peanut candies and some freshly baked, homemade hot chocolate cookies. I figured, being in a totally new area for a few days, living out of a hotel room and having to drive here and there, he might want a little snack or some tea! So, I got some of his favorite little goodies, baked some cookies and found a box of the appropriate size. I can’t help it was a V.B. box! It’s better than some others it could have landed in! :) I hope he has a nice trip and his little treats are a piece of the comfort of home! Safe travels my Monito! I will see you next week, and enjoy your little goodies.

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